DiversiPak Company Profile


Diversipak is a Full Service Fulfillment Company dedicated to exceeding our clients expectations with outstanding fulfillment services. We are proud to offer 100% On Time Delivery Rate. We believe in building relationships with our clients as partners in business, helping to support your goals and fulfill your critical need for on time quality fulfillment services.

A Brief History

 Diversipak  was launched in 2004. Thru talking with potential clients and experts in the field we learned that quality assurance is the achilles heel of the fulfillment industry. We undertook to develop a repeatable system of checks and balances to address and eliminate this achilles heel. 

Along the journey client requests helped to shape the expansion of the services we can provide and the variety of projects we can  undertake. If a client has a smaller or out of the ordinary project, they receive the exact same level of quality assurance larger clients receive. That's just how we do business.   

We have proven that guaranteed on time delivery and quality service are not myths but acheivable and deliverable goals. We hope you take the opportunity to experience for yourself the peace of mind created in becoming one of our clients.

Out of the Ordinary

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary?

Just ask. We can do it! We have produced everything from mass gift wrapping to designing barcode serialized cards!

Quality Assurance

Strict Quality Assurance Program followed on every project.