Print, Premium and POS Kits

Print, Premium and POS Kits


We can store your POS ( Point of Sale) material, Premium Components and Print Pieces on-site, sort them, pack them and get them to where you want them, on time. Examples include: Dummy packs, display packs, display stands, mobiles, posters, and banners.

Timed Delivery

Short lead times for seasonal ‘drops’ direct-to-store, or long leads for major campaigns and launches. The team at Diversipak will develop a solution that works for your business.

Securing Goods

Our warehouse and your components are secured with our CCTV system, caged storage and state of the art security system as well as dead on inventory practices.

Out of the Ordinary

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary?

Just ask. We can do it! We have produced everything from mass gift wrapping to designing barcode serialized cards!

Quality Assurance

Strict Quality Assurance Program followed on every project.