Kit Design and Assembly

Putting it all Together

When you have a number of components that need to be collated, assembled, packaged and shipped, our kit design and assembly service will successfully address your need and give you the peace of mind that you are being presented to the target market as you per your instructions.


  • Collating and assembly of product and/or literature components
  • Packaging collated items into dimensional cartons, mailers, shrink-wrapping, polybagging, etc.
  •  Shipping individual packages from client supplied list using carriers such as - USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc., including USPS package services (bulk mail)
  • Bulk shipment (LTL or truckload) through our broker or with a supplied carrier
  • Compliance with retail routing & packaging guides
  • Coding of components for multi-level kits

Out of the Ordinary

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary?

Just ask. We can do it! We have produced everything from mass gift wrapping to designing barcode serialized cards!

Quality Assurance

Strict Quality Assurance Program followed on every project.